Our premium powder coating process starts by first fully stripping the wheel or metal part down to the bare metal with a cold liquid chemical strip. We then prepare the wheel for the powder coating process by polishing the face and windows of the wheel with our multi-stage polishing process which is all done by hand.

After the wheel has been polished, we do a final cleaning to remove the polishing dust and any other contaminants that may compromise the powder coating finish. Before we powder coat a wheel or part, we mask off the back pad of the wheel by hand to ensure the area is completely covered so there is no powder coat build up that could possibly affect the wheels ability to mount flush back onto your vehicle.

For small parts, we mask off all of the threaded areas and any other areas you request not to be powder coated. We then use specific wheel and parts mounting fixtures to hang the wheel or part from to ensure your entire wheel or parts gets powder coated evenly.

In-house, state-of-the-art technology for unsurpassed quality control.

Our powder coating process consists of multiple stages with our state-of-the-art equipment, including a fully enclosed powder coating booth to minimize the risk of any airborne contaminants landing on the wheel or part’s surface, which is more likely to occur with the traditional open-faced, 3-sided powder coating booth.
We use completely separate, ultramodern finishing spray guns and powder coat hoppers. We also use multiple hoppers which are only used for a single color at any given time. This allows us to switch from one color to the next quickly and efficiently.

We have a separately dedicated hopper and finishing spray gun used exclusively for our clear coat powder. This, along with using multiple hoppers, minimizes the risk of cross contamination by providing the powders with their own fully sealed and contained environment that isn’t susceptible to outside contaminants, versus powder coating straight out of the box of powder.

The result is a more consistent, clean and smooth finish by controlling the process and the environment the powder coating is taking place.